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Daily Prayer

March 9, 2018

Don’t be discouraged by your daily dependence on Jesus.

“Give us day by day our daily bread” Luke 11:3

It is by design.  All spiritual blessings are yours in Jesus and He distributes them day by day.  He has storehouses of provision that He gives to those who pray, day by day.  “Ask, seek & knock”, He says.  Day by day ask and He will give His Spirit to who?  Those who ask.  He is a perfect Father who doesn’t spoil His kids with a superficial love, or flattery, or presents that compensate for imperfect love.  His love is perfect, and He gives perfect gifts.

Jesus promised blessing on those poor in spirit.  Those who are poor in spirit ask, reach out to God in prayer, and turn their longing away from this world toward heaven.  There, they find a spiritual happiness that cuts deeper into their hearts than a new toy, more money or comfortable living ever could.

I’m not invited to the throne of grace on occasion, but to live there!  Day by day His power can be perfected in my weakness.

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