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Gayle Erwin at White Fields – September 23rd

September 12, 2018

White Fields Calvary Church is delighted to be hosting Gayle Erwin, the author of the Jesus Style.  His simple message is one for both believers, and non– believers.  Gayle’s teaching is encouraging and hopeful directing the focus on loving Jesus and having a servant heart of love for others. He will be speaking both Sunday morning at White Fields and Sunday Evening at the Ministry Centre.  This is the perfect opportunity to invite friends and neighbors who may have never heard the Gospel message before or other people in your life who may have walked away from church .

Gayle Erwin graphic

Gayle Erwin travels around the globe playing, as he puts it, “the one string on my guitar.” That “one string” is the Nature of Jesus, a message developed over a lifetime of study and experience — a simple message of servant lifestyle for this complex age. Gayle’s book, The Jesus Style, where he expounds this message, has sold more than 500,000 copies and has been translated into 35 languages

He is a father and grandfather, a writer and editor, a talker and listener. He has created five magazines, served six years as a college teacher and twenty years as a pastor. Now, as the director of a ministry called “Servant Quarters,” he spends his time speaking at conferences and retreats (as he works on his third million miles of flying) and writing. His humorous style delights audiences of all ages wherever he goes.

Sunday morning at 10:30 am at St Martin’s: Message will highlight the gracious nature of God as displayed in the ministry of Jesus.

Sunday evening at 6:00 pm at the Ministry Centre: Message will focus specifically on the servant leadership displayed in the life of Jesus.


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