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Are You Worried? He is Not!

November 23, 2018

“He Himself knew what He would do” John 6:6

This is a strange kind of comfort for the believer of Jesus.  This is about more than feeding 5,000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish.  It’s not chiefly about food, but about who Jesus is.  In light of our present difficulty, we must know, Jesus knows what He will do.  We don’t know and that’s why we worry.

Many of us worry for what, from a human perspective, is a good reason.  It may be a very difficult situation.  Many of us at White Fields  and Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel are very burdened right now because our much loved Pastor Quinn is suffering a terrible cancer.  And we fear…we ask “what if…”

…and our thoughts may go on and on…

From a human perspective, we have good reason.  It is difficult, impossible, unlikely, we’ve waited a long time and still see no evidence yet of our desired result, the great miracle we need.  And life is full of these difficult circumstances.

However, Jesus is not worried.  Because, He already knows what He will do.  We often classify situations as easy or difficult and then project that difficulty level onto God.  But situations that are difficult for us, are not for Him, and He Himself already knows what He will do!


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